10 Unusual Things You Didn't Know About Me

You might have noticed that I don't generally write much about myself on here as this is more of an informational blog rather than a personal one. However, sometimes when I like a blog I find it nice to know a bit about the person who created it. So today I've decided to tell you ten strange things about myself that will help you get to know me a little better.

1. I've always been active but I really started getting into fitness and nutrition around the age of 16. I'm 32 now, so that's half my life.

2. As a child, my favourite foods were salad and cooked mushrooms (not at the same time). I also loved the coffee flavoured Quality Street. Weird kid.

3. I have an irrational fear of cotton wool. I can't stand the feel of it and refuse to touch it.

4. I'm a clean freak. Actually, more of a tidy freak. I hate cleaning.

5. I look really young for my age. Most people guess that I'm about ten years younger than I am. I was always told that I'd be happy about it when I was older, but I still find it annoying when people think I'm a student or something.

6. My favourite form of exercise is running. And squats, I love squats. Especially with weights.

7. As a baby/toddler I was scared of grass. According to my mum, whenever we were outside and she put me down on grass I'd scream until she picked me back up. I was fine when sitting on concrete or tarmac. Or even a blanket on the grass. Just not the actual grass.

8. I share my birthday with Johnny Depp and Michael J Fox.

9. I love coconut oil so much that I could eat spoonfuls of it straight from the jar. But I don't, because that would be weird and gross and no-one would like me.

10. I'm quite shy in real life and worry that people find me boring.

And now, because I'm nosey, I'm tagging ten other bloggers to do this too. So Sarah, Bex, Susan, Emma, Marie, Aimee, Victoria, KarenLaura and Rebecca, I want to know ten unusual things about you! I'd love it if you could link back to this post and also tag a few of your favourite bloggers to post some strange facts about themselves!

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  1. I love reading this kind of personal posts! It's always nice to learn more about who is behind the blog. I am also quite shy in real life but never worry that somebody would find me boring, I just worry that I will run out of things to say!

    1. Hey Petra, glad you liked it! I wasn't sure about doing this kind of post but I know that I like reading them so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm the same as you in that I worry about running out of things to say. Writing is so much easier than talking, haha.

  2. Loved reading this it was really interesting and made me laugh at quite a few points haha!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

  3. What a lovely list. I had to look when it's your birthday :)) I share my birthday with Prince Charles, but maybe is not as cool as yours :)

    1. Hi Anca, thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment!

  4. Hi! Love your blog so much!! Im a big fan of coconut oil aswell! Check out my blog www.bakecakesandeatkale.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi J.Hadiya, thanks for your comment. Glad you like coconut oil too! I'll definitely check out your blog :)


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